power pack MP101

Bio-CORNA underwear Power Pack positively influences on chronic fatigue, lumbago,

and etc depending on each individuals.

Power Packbio-CORNA's man underwear

2016 Bio-CORNA's man underwear power pack

Man underwear made by the patented technology 'spin energy generator'  of Bio-CORNA.

Application of spin energy generator using Nano substances to underwear leads to improvement of blood circulation and our own evaluation proved that it positively influences on chronic fatigue, urination improvement, lumbago, and etc depending on each individuals.

Power Pack is formulated:

Manufacturing technology of product begins from physical rotational energy of nano-particles is rotating in a fractal structure and it forms an energy field. Nano substances were inserted in the fabric and activating free energy(spin energy) promotes blood circulation.

** 8 technology patents(South Korea) for spin energy generator



01 8 bio patents

8 patented technology of  spin energy generator technology activating energy in interior of the body by using Bio-CORNA's Nano substances

(Patent registration number 1011520410000,1012390430000, 1014308740000, 1014608890000, 3007494870000, 3007494420000, 3007494240000, 3007494730000)

02 Improving blood circulation effect

Blood circulation is improved by applying the patented technology and this positively influences on chronic fatigue, improvement of urination, lumbago, and etc depending on individuals.

03 Human engineering design

Human engineering and scientific design of Bio-CORNA provides fit and comfortable feeling as wearing custom-tailored suits.

04 Natural materials and comfortable feeling

Bio-CORNA products preferring natural fabrics such as  tencel and jurasil are soft and comfortable to wear.


# How to wear

"Constant wearing leads to a positive effect"

Prepare minimum two panties and Keep wearing them . Continuity is most important.

Model Number : MP101

Size : 95,100,105,110

Ingredients : functional polyester

Color : navy, red

Manufacturing Country : South Korea

Payment terms : T/T, L/C

Delivery terms : FOB South Korea(negotiable)