flower healing panty PT2003T

Bio-CORNA underwear flower healing panties

 effect on menstrual pain, leukorrhea and other, are related to blood circulation.

Bio-CORNA's underwear effect

According to the result from free sample experience group event held by Bio-CORNA from July in 2014 to March in 2015,

76% of participants in a gold panties experience group and 90% of participants in biomagic bra experience group answered

that 'it has a positive effect on menstrual pain'.

[Bio-CORNA site (www.biocorna.co.kr) open at Notice]

** There is an individual difference in the extent of menstrual pain and relief depending on wearing days, constitution and other environmental factors.

** Various turn for the better reactions can occur to patients with some diseases or people who were suffered from some diseases.

 (Especially, people who had serious skin diseases can have the phase of skin eruption first and the skin is peeled off as it is recovered.)

Effect on menstrual pain

# gold panties (PT1110T)

Result from gold panties free sample experience event held by Bio-CORNA available from February to March in 2015

Δ The number of participants: 67 (powder room_ Naver cosmetics&Beauty representative cafe)

Δ Participation period: Average one month from February to March in 2015

Δ How to wear: wear only biomagic panties at least 3 to 30 days prior to menstruation starts.

Δ Results: 76% of participants in the experience group experienced effect of releasing menstrual pain

[individual difference exists(1to100%)]

flower healing panty is formulated:

Manufacturing technology of product begins from physical rotational energy of nano-particles is rotating in a fractal structure and it forms an energy field.

Nano substances were inserted in the fabric and activating free energy(spin energy) promotes blood circulation.

** 8 technology patents(South Korea) for spin energy generator

How to wear :

prepare minimum 2 of Bio-CORNA's products(panties, bra, girdles, extra pad, and etc) and wear them at least a week prior to menstruation. Once you wear it, keep wearing until the end of menstruation. Continuity is most important.

How to wash :

Wash with other underwear. For seamless products, hand wash is recommended for long term wearing.

Washing in cold or warm water is recommended. Black color can be washed out. For Nano substance releasing energy and attaching into underwear was attached by binder harmless to human body,

it is not lost during washing which leads to an everlasting effect.

Reviews after using Bio-CORNA's underwears

This is awesome ! This item is beyond best compliments.

I finally had a amazing experience during my period few days ago. Before my period starts, I got pain in the stomach and I also got a back pain(+ I became so sensitive) so I was so worried but this time, I never felt the pain and it was just like a normal day. I was very surprised and I even talked about this to my friend honeyony and praised the product. Of course, there would be individual difference in its effect but in my opinion, it is a best product. -mwsh369

I was very surprised.......I always had a menstrual pain before. This is just amazing,,, I have worn this from early October and the effect is just..!!! This was first time that I did not feel any pain at all -rani67

I usually had a pain one day before my period but this time I did not feel any pain on 18th which is a day before menstruation. I just thought that my period delays little bit. But it already begun. You may think that I am kind of over reactive but I just shout out like 'awesome!'. I usually had a joint pain before menstruation starts but this time I never felt any pain. ~~ There was no pain in a first day and I had little pain around night time. On a second day, the effect from Bio-CORNA lasted. I always woke up in the early morning to take a pain-killer but this time I just had a deep sleep. I did not take pain-killers on second day too. There was little pain but it was manageable. You know second day is most hardest day. I used to have severe pain which makes my teeth shaking and if something touches my body, it caused severe pain and I also felt pain throughout my body. But I experienced around 95% of relief effect. -hhjjj0804

I found out that I have adenomyosis when I was preparing for my wedding. Everyone told me that people with adenomyosis experience severe menstrual pain and few of them got better and the symptom will be even worse and only treatment is a removal...~~~ I had a slight pain 2 or 3 days before my period starts for the month with strong severe pain. But after I wear Bio-CORNA, there was no prior symptom. And my period usually lasted 7 to 8 days but after I wore the product it was done in 5 days. The scale of pain would be 6 compared to the scale of 10. ~~~blood lump decreased. I felt severe pain like removing the body part when the blood lump released from my body. ~~I expected more effect with wearing constantly but I actually have better news.

I am finally pregnant!!!! Since I had an experience of miscarriage and adenomyosis, it could be difficult to get pregnant but this time I received a good gift this time. -dudwls0409

Model Number : PT2003

Size : 90(L), 95(XL), 100(2XL)

Ingredients : functional polyester

Color : nude, pink, violet

Manufacturing Country : South Korea

Payment terms : T/T, L/C

Delivery terms : FOB South Korea(negotiable)